Sunday, October 31, 2004

Free Agency Filings

Current Atlanta Braves players filing for free agency this past week:

Thursday, October 28th: J.D. Drew, Jaret Wright, and Paul Byrd
Friday, October 29th: Russ Ortiz and Julio Franco

Drew and Wright seem to be the top priorities for the Braves. Drew's stats for the 2004 season were pretty darn good (.305, 93 RBI, 31 HR) and he provided an excellent glove in right field. Most impressive was the fact that he didn't spend any time on the DL for the first time during his career. Equally impressive is the fact that this was the first time during his career that I didn't hate his guts.

After being claimed from the scrap heap of "has-been" pitchers, Wright put up some great numbers (15-8, 3.28 ERA) and emerged as the ace of the staff.

I'd like to see Franco brought back for another season for the simple fact that I'm impressed by any 82 year-old man who can still hit a Big League fastball.

Why am I doing this?

I really couldn't give you a reason for starting this blog. I have no real writing skills, nor have I ever laid claim to such (although I'm hella good at reading). I like baseball and I like the Braves. As such, I read a goodly bit about the Atlanta ball club on the Internet. I haven't found any blogs dedicated to the Braves, although I'm sure they're out there (I'm too lazy to look very hard, I suppose). This is my feeble attempt to take the Braves news and information I gather from several sources and compile it into one for the other lazy folks like me. I'll post as information and my own limited free-time permits. Or whenever I get off my lazy ass and write something...