Thursday, January 05, 2006

Made a trip to Chattanooga the other night with the wife; one of our stops was Barnes & Noble (a Christmas gift card was burning a hole in her pocket, apparently). I picked up a Far Side calendar and the 2005 ESPN Baseball Encyclopedia, both for half price. Can't beat that deal with a stick, now can ya?

Here's a PSA for all those folks what works at the Barnes & Noble Starbucks: some folks actually do want a regular cup of coffee. Yes, you do sell regular coffee. No, I don't want a half-mocha, half-soy, chocolate caramel latte espresso double-shot capuchino- I just want plain ol' coffee.

And don't look at me like that when I order it, dammit.

And whilst I'm in the mood to help other folks less fortunate than me- here's another PSA, for all those 19 year old kids who don't like the taste of coffee but do like to hang out and look cool at Starbucks, so they order the coffee-flavored drinks: If you don't have the four bucks cash for your toy coffee, you don't need the toy coffee. Leave the debit card at home and stop holding up the line because you can't remember your momma's PIN number.

Reno 911! will be hitting the big screen. And there was much rejoicing.


sarahfisher8261 said...

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SW said...

Gee-ay-zuhz, Juicy Fruiter seems kinda, how you say, "inquisitive." Never know about those gum-chewing rangers.

I'm enjoying your blog (but I don't have one myself). I'm looking forward to you and "A Ballpark View" being alternatives to the incessant know-it-all crapola I was sick of getting from the smarm meisters at Braves Journal and Braves Beat Blog. You know, the sort of guys who sit there and comment on every single play throughout a game, and tell you what Cox did wrong and how Giles should have taken another pitch for hitting that double.

As you suggest, the Braves news is a little sparse lately, but, from what I've read here, I get a sense that as the season approaches, you're gonna have a good take on the team.

Steven said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, SW!

I'm also enjoying the stuff Martin's doing over at "A Ballpark View".

Feel free to chime in with your comments anytime; I'll eventually have something Braves related to talk about, rather than toy coffee at Starbucks.