Thursday, April 05, 2007

Is Francisco Rodriguez cheating?

I had to post about this. Around the world of blogs a story is going around about the mysterious substance under the bill of K-Rod aka Francisco Rodriguez's Angels cap. Apparently, the Texas Rangers have filed a complaint with MLB concerning this. If you haven't read about it already, K-Rod constantly touches the tip of his cap rubbing his thumb in that general location where the white area is. Camera evidence shows a white something under the bill. Is it rosin, sweat, something guey?

The guy's been pitching for about 4 years and is a pretty good closer. I wouldn't think anything would come out of this unless some team requests a cap change next time he's on the mound. What does everyone else think? Could this be something legit or is it just a stink raised by opponets that have trouble against him.

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Kyle said...

Rodriguez today claimed this mystery substance is simply rosin. If that's true - and thus far we have no evidence to the contrary - he's still breaking the rules, though I wouldn't deem it as serious an offense as, say, licking his fingers while still on the mound. There's a reason the rosin bag is never supposed to be on the mound, and that reason is
the pitcher cannot apply any foreign substances to his hands or fingers unless he's off the mound.

The best way to resolve this would be for the Angels' staff to take him aside and convince him to simply use the rosin bag more often. It may slow the game down, but he's only around for 1-2 innings anyway. MLB can't let him keep getting away with this simply because it would encourage he and other pitchers to continue doing the same, or to upgrade to something more sinister like vaseline or crisco.