Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Miller's Annoyances

I couldn't help but notice for the 117th time that ESPN's Jon Miller keeps pronouncing Carlos Beltran's last name as Bel-tron. Has anyone told this guy it's Bel-tran! Or am I completely wrong and most people just mispronounce his name?

You may recall last year, Wilson Betemit was pronounced as Bet-a-meat from Miller. Once again is saying Bet-e-mit the incorrect pronounciation? Give me a break!

Stat of the day: Day 2 of this young baseball season has Edgar Renteria tied for the league lead in HR's with 2.

I just wikied Jon Miller and read this: [Jon Miller seems to take pride in pronouncing the names of players correctly. For example, when pronouncing Carlos Beltrán, he tends to put the majority of emphasis on the "A" of Beltrán, as the accent denotes. Instead of following how most announcers would pronounce foreign names, Miller takes the time to ask the player how his name is pronounced so that he can say it with the correct pronunciation.]

In the end, I guess Miller is right.


BH said...

He is still a crappy announcer, though not nearly as bad as Joe Morgan -- I absolutely cannot stand him.

Though everbody pales in comparison to Tim McCarver. I think he may be the biggest idiot to ever be on TV.

Kyle said...

While I don't know for sure if Miller's pronouncing Beltran's name correctly, "Bet-a-meat" actually is correct - that's how the stadium announcer in Richmond always pronounced it. I've noticed Miller also correctly pronounced AJ's name as "Awn-drew", or at least he did until AJ requested that the media pronounce his name as "Andrew" a couple years ago.

V. said...

Agh, this annoys me too! Everytime I catch a Mets game on ESPN, I feel like screaming, "It's BEL-tran, you idiot!" While proper Spanish pronunciation would have it accented "bel-TRAN", all the Mets broadcasters say "BEL-tran", and so does the Shea Stadium announcer. So I figure those people would know what they're talking about and would've been corrected by now if they were wrong. Also, Beltran's ESPN.com page has his name pronounced with the accent on the first syllable as well.

Anonymous said...

The ESPN page's pronunciation means nothing. They list Wilson Betemit's name with the incorrect pronunciation (as of this writing); Betemit himself has said in interviews multiple times that it's "BAY-tah-mee" but that he doesn't care if broadcasters say it wrong; he just accepts it and doesn't make a big deal about it. They're still wrong, though. See Betemit's wikipedia entry for a full explanation of the pronunciation of his last name.

Duncan said...

I know this is an old post but I was looking up Jon Miller's accent and ended up here. Just to say I'm English and watch baseball every now and again during bouts of insomnia. And even though I had all the English prejudices about baseball as basically glorified rounders, a game for girls and young kids, I've learned to appreciate it, especially thanks to the commentary by Morgan and Miller. I think they're amazing quality, quite different in style to British sporting commentators. Coming in completely cold to the sport, watch one game and by the end of it you get a real feeling of all the human stories, the history, the technical stuff. I have to say it's among the best sports commentary I've ever heard. Just thought I'd mention that while passing through.