Saturday, October 29, 2005

What I brought back from my trip to New York:

Two Syracuse University t-shirts
Two Cooperstown t-shirts
Two twelve-packs of liquid nourishment (aka beer)
Two loaves Italian bread (you can't get good bread in the South)
One digital camera loaded with pics
One hellacious cold

The cold has been my top priority since returning home. I don't get sick all that often; I chalk it up to being a vegetarian and just so darn good-looking. This cold has effectively kicked my ass for the past couple of days though. The good news is that methinks it's finally going away. I can only pray that I've passed it along to a few of the morons I work with.

Supposed to go to a Gruesome Twosome sponsored Halloween activity this evening. I think it involves horror movies, pizza, and beer.

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