Monday, January 10, 2005

Beltran looks to become a Met

I apologize for the sporadic/shortened entries as of late; my wife and I are trying to get into our new home. We've got most of the actual work done-- but Fate continues to vex us. (It seems as though you've got to specifically ask to have outlets for your washer drain and dryer vent to be built into your house?!) Oh well-- one more contractor to do a job I've already paid another contractor to do and it should be done.

It looks as though Carlos Beltran will be playing in New York this year. He and the Mets have agreed in principle on a seven-year, $119 million dollar contract. An announcement could be made as early as tomorrow.

The Mets are definitely rebuilding-- there's no doubt about that- but the jaded cynic in me keeps screaming that their management is really just trying to compete in the local media with the Yankees. "Crazy money" aside, the Beltran signing is good for their club. However, they paid way too much for Pedro (Big Name for the papers), and are apparently still interested in trading for Sammy Sosa (Even Bigger Name for the papers).

Attendance for the Mets has been down during the past couple of years. Big Names will find their way into the papers/TV outlets, causing butts to find their way into the seats at Shea, causing money to find its way to management.

And we all know that's how you build a contender, right?

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