Saturday, April 09, 2005

Early AM (but late night for me) thoughts

Atlanta is now firmly entrenched in first place in the NL East after another win last night. (Okay, so it's a bit early in the season; I takes my pleasures wheres I can.) The win against New York also dropped the Mets to 0-4. I take a bit of wicked delight in this after constantly hearing about how great they'd be this season. I don't care if you do have Pedro in the rotation and Beltran's bat in the lineup- crummy defense will always manage to steal a loss from the jaws of victory.

My early thoughts on the '05 club? The defense has been pretty darn good, the hitting has been a little spotty. (I expected both.) What's really surprised me so far is how well the bullpen has performed: Dan Kolb's got three saves notched already.

Speaking of Pedro, is it just me or is he starting to look a lot like Ron Jeremy?

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