Sunday, April 17, 2005

Thoughts from a baseball game

Finally able to get the first baseball game under my belt last night. Big Tom and I ventured to Chattanooga to catch the second game of the Lookouts' home opener. Pretty good game, although the Lookouts were beaten by West Tennessee, 7-3. (Okay, so Tommy was happy about the outcome, anyway.)

If the game wasn't sold out, it was pretty damn close, and I think a few of those folks in attendance actually came to watch the game. People- baseball games are for watching baseball and drinking beer- NOT for wandering about the ballpark in a pathetic attempt to see and be seen. And here's a fashion tip for all the fellers out there-- you may only wear your cap backwards for one of two reasons: a.) You are under the age of eleven years old, and b.) You are currently squatting in the dirt with a batter's ass in your face and an umpire hunkered down in said dirt behind you.

And while I'm sharing fashion and etiquette secrets, here's one more: guys looked stupid wearing pink back in the 80's; they still do today.

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