Friday, April 08, 2005

Hello boys and girls

I'd like to begin today's post by airing a few grievances with The Home's management. (For those of you still playing along at home, that'd be me.) It's a bit difficult to update a blog (and keep track of Sloth's young hottie of the day) with a perished computer. Okay, I exaggerate: it hasn't quite perished. Yet. All I can say is the about:blank virus is a very nasty little virus and has made the 'net a constant source of frustration for those fine folks that keep this blog updated. Management needs to get off their lazy ass and order a new 'puter from those fine folks at Dell so's things can get back to normal.

Okay, on to the baseball. I got up early to watch the Brave's season opener Tuesday. I shoulda stayed in bed. Smoltz got drubbed and injuries to Giles and Estrada caused my blood pressure to creep up two spots on the Billboard charts. The team played well against a pretty darn good Florida club to take the series, Marcus and Johnny should be back for tonight's home opener, and I'm sure Smoltz will be ready to go next time around. And there was great rejoicing throughout the land...

Went and saw Sin City last night. I rather liked it. It was like watching an old Sam Spade or Phillip Marlowe noir picture with nudity and LOTS of violence. I haven't read all of Frank Miller's SC graphic novels so some of it was new to me, but the stuff I had read seemed to follow the original source material fairly closely, at least as far as I could remember.

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