Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Congratulations to The Bobby for winning his second Manager of the Year Award in a row (a record, I believe).

In my humble opinion, he's been one of the best managers during the past twenty-five years or so, but he really proved himself this year. Common sense would tell you that the Braves were going to tank it after inserting all those rookies into the lineup- not to mention the injuries to the rotation and that sack of monkey shit they trotted out as a bullpen. He got 'em to the division series though, and I'm glad to see his work recognized.

As much as he annoys me, I simply cannot stay away from the continuing saga of Terrell. I can't decide who offends me more: the mouthy, arrogant Terrell Owens who says whatever pops into his stupid, arrogant mind, or the newly contrite, apologetic Terrell who's ass is trying to cash the checks his big mouth has written. Dude, here's a little tip: if your gonna try and sound like you really are sorry, memorize the apology your agent has written for you. Don't read it from an index card.

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