Sunday, November 13, 2005

I've got a wicked case of the "lazy ass" and haven't posted in a few days. Haven't done much of anything lately, which I blame working six and seven days a week for. Of course, I really haven't had much to post, so who's to say which is the real reason for me not posting. I haven't, and you've missed me terribly. Haven't you?

I did get my most recent ebay purchase in the mail Friday: a sealed factory set of 1989 Topps baseball picture cards. All 792 of them. I had thought about leaving it sealed, as any good collector would do. That lasted for about 20 minutes; I opened the box and spent the next two hours putting the set into numerical order. I figure it's better to enjoy the contents of the box rather than the box, so to hell with collectibility. My favorite card in the set? Probably the Mark Grace card: he's my favorite player. There were several other cards I did enjoy, though. A skinny Barry Bonds who only weighed 185 pounds (pre-steroids?); a "skinny" David Wells who only weighed 225 pounds (pre-Big Mac and beer). The best picture had to be Kent Hrbek's card- he's got a wad of chew in his left cheek that's so large his face is swollen and distorted looking. Great stuff. To my delighted surprise, I also found two pieces of gum safely tucked into a wax paper envelope. I will chew one of the pieces and share the other with my friend Tommy upon a special occasion, yet to be named.

It's about time for some MVP's to be named, isn't it?

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