Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Why do they call it the "Most Valuable Player" Award when it apparently isn't?

I think Albert Pujols is one helluva good ball player. He's probably another season or two away from being the best player in either league. But he was not the most valuable player in the National League this year. The Cards would have won the NL Central this year with or without him.

My pick for NL MVP? Accuse me of team bias if you will, but I'd go with Andruw Jones. Look at his numbers for the '05 season- a career year. But look a little deeper: the injuries in the starting rotation and to Chipper Jones, the pig-shit bullpen, the rookies that made up a goodly bit of their line-up every night. Do you honestly think the Braves could have won the East if Andruw hadn't carried the team this season? I think not.

I could even make the case for Chicago's Derek Lee. True, the Cubs were cellar dwellers again, but how many more games would they've lost if not for Lee's glove, digging potential errors out of the dirt at first base, not to mention his offensive contributions?

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