Sunday, February 05, 2006

I finally found some information verifying a radio announcement I heard last weekend regarding the Braves Caravan being at Hamilton Place Mall. It's scheduled for this Tuesday (the 7th) at 11:30 in the Center Court (whatever the hell that is).

The list of guests include:

Horacio Ramirez
Pat Corrales
John Schuerholz
Pete Van Wieren

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braveswin said...

That's cool, are you going to this event? As for the baseball cards, I recently got back into collecting about two years ago. I usually only get players I like and rookie cards. My 2 favorite cards have to be:

'95 Bowman's Best Mint 9 Andruw Jones RC
'89 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. RC

Yea, ebay is good for card collecting. You can get cards for way under book value. I loaded up on Marte RC when I first started collecting again, but now I'll probably keep one or two since he's not a Brave anymore.