Saturday, February 04, 2006

Whew- I slept eleven hours last night and almost feel human again.

Not much to talk about in the world o' baseball. I spent an hour last night soft-sleeving and top-loading my fledgling collection of 1959 Topps baseball cards. Ordered the sleeves, top-loaders, and a super shoebox to store them in from BCW; the UPS man was kind enough to leave them on my back step Thursday.

I've currently got 95 cards, with one heading this way via the postal service. Got a loong way to go, as there are 572 in the set. It's something I enjoy doing and is fairly simple and inexpensive to do with the help of that beautiful lady known as Ebay.

Anybody else still collecting cards, or is this yet another example of my anal-retentive, fan boy geekiness?

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little baby sister said...

What's that "my precious"....Don't forget a the fish geek aspect.