Tuesday, October 31, 2006

And the Offseason begins...

Now that the World Series is over the free agent market begins its open season. Thus far, four Braves have filed for free agency and Brian Jordan is split between retirement or another year. You may file up to November 11th. Danys Baez, John Thomson, Todd Pratt, and Daryle Ward have already filed. I would like to see Ward return because of his bat off the bench. The others can be sent away.

The winter meetings are still a good month away. This time of year it's hard being a fan anticipating and waiting for any news that your team maybe involved in.

Points/Questions for this Fall/Winter:

-It's about 97.9% certain that Marcus Giles will be traded, but for whom?

-The Braves need some experienced pen hands and not the last leg of your career Mike Remlinger type.

-The Braves need a leadoff hitter.

-Do you begin Andruw Jones contract negotiations this winter?

**Update** Brian Jordan filed later on 10/31. Please Brian, hang it up.

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