Sunday, October 29, 2006

Busy weekend for baseball

So, this has been a pretty busy weekend in the world of Major League Baseball, hasn't it?

The St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series. And I don't care. I really thought the Tigers were going to win this thing; heck, I still feel Detroit is the better team. But maturity, confidence, and experience are all huge factors in the postseason- and the World Series in particular- and the Cards had all three in abundance. The same cannot be said for those young Tigers. Too many mental lapses, too many errors, and not enough hitting ultimately opened the door for the Cards to win this thing in five.

Former Atlanta Braves pitcher Joe Niekro passed away Friday. Even though he will always be overshadowed by his Hall of Fame brother, he was a pretty good pitcher in his own right.

Players were eligible to begin filing for free agency yesterday, and they wasted no time in doing so. Some 59 players have already filed, and several "big" names are on the list: Nomar, Thomas, Zito, Soriano, and the Big Steroid Cheater.

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