Friday, October 27, 2006

The Cards may actually....

win it all tonight. St. Louis came back and won last night to give them the definite edge now up 3-1. Can Detroit beat the odds and take it back home or will there season end tonight? Not many people gave the Redbirds a chance in this series or much less the NLCS. They took down the so called "Mighty" Mets and have declawed the Tigers thus far. Not a bad resume considering how they made it into the playoffs and personally I've thought the Cards have been declining since being swept by the BoSox in '04. Anyway the ball will be in the hands of Jeff Weaver who once again many had given up on after his miserable record in Anaheim earlier in the year. He started out a little shaky when he was first came to St. Louis but really turned it around the last couple of months. Instead of going with the Gambler, Detroit will hand the ball to Justin Verlander. I totally agree with Jim Leyland's decision. The Tigers have to win three more games so it really doesn't matter who's out there, you just have to win right now.

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