Friday, October 20, 2006

World Series: Detroit & St. Louis: Did you guess that one?

Boy, was I way off on my postseason picks. For anyone that hasn't seen my previous blog I posted predictions for the postseason. In the end, I had the A's and Dodgers in the series with the A's winning it in 6. I thought the A's had of more a legit shot to make it than L.A. but, heck the Dodgers were a hot team before the playoffs.

On the flipside, both the Tigers and Redbirds backended their way into playoffs. The Tigers were penned against the Yankees and about a handful of people gave them a chance to win that series. The Cards lucked up and played the overachieving Padres and won. Later, they beat the heavily favorited Mets. Yippee! Both of these teams eliminated the NY teams and for that I give them a standing ovation.

Obviously Detroit has had plenty of rest before tommorrow's Game 1. St. Louis has played pretty much non stop thanks to rain outs. People generally get concerned over which is better: resting an extended amount of time before play, or keep continuing playing with no rest. Obviously everyone feels better rested, but c'mon it's not like the Tigers are sitting around playing Playstation and eating Cheetos before the series. They practice during the week. Anyway I think it's all a bunch of nonsense. You play baseball to reach this pinnacle and you give 110%. On to the pitching matchups...

Game 1: Verlander vs. Reyes
Game 2: Rogers vs. Weaver
Game 3: Robertson vs. Carpenter
Game 4: Bonderman vs. Suppan
Game 5: Verlander vs. Reyes
Game 6: Rogers vs. Weaver?
Game 7: ?? vs. ??

I'm pretty sure that the first four games are correct and not sure about 5-7. I can only guess that Carpenter/Suppan will pitch 7 if neccessary. LaRussa is going with rookie pitcher Anthony Reyes who has had a up/down season and didn't look to good against the Mets in Game 4 of the NLCS. The Cards do not have SP depth. Mark Mulder was plagued with injury while Jason Marquis was left off the playoff roster. Weaver has slowly turned things around while Carpenter and Suppan have been the leaders of this staff.
The Tigers come enter with a young(minus the gambler) extremely talented pitching staff. Having a stong pitching staff is what helped the White Sox win the series last year and I expect the same to come from the Tigers. I'm going to guess the Tigers in 6. Some people are calling this a swiffer sweep in 4, but I'll give the Cards a couple of games.

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