Wednesday, February 21, 2007

ESPN: Jones wants "Market Value"

This doesn't suprise me. In the same article, Andruw Jones states that he will not allow to be traded during the season, fully exercising his no-trade clause. He also says that he wants to be a Brave for life. I for one, would like to read/hear something from the Braves camp like "Yes, we are working on it", or "Yes, we are just waiting to see how much Liberty Media will budget for us next year". Something, just something! My odds are 30/70. 30% he stays, 70% he goes to free agency.

Other ST bytes:

Anthony Lerew is trying to return to "top prospect" form and has been working on mechanics. Mike Gonzalez, Blaine Boyer, and Kyle Davies are throwing w/out discomfort, and Andruw lost 10 lbs.


BH said...

I hope that Andruw can come back, but its not worth it if you have to spend 25-30% of your payroll on one player.

Anonymous said...

Love to have Andruw back, but if we are stuck with this 80 million doller payroll of god for bid 70 or 60 mill. We need to let him go and look at bring in some one like
balldeli (I am know that's speld worng)... still wondering why we didn't spend the one mill to try Shannon Stewart in the LF/lead off role oh well Langherhans it is.

Adam said...

I think that Craig Wilson is the Shannon Stewart of the team. Look at the depth in LF:


All of these guys can play the position. If the team signed Stewart then I think you've just told LAngy or Diaz that they are about to be traded. I wouldn't count out Baldelli, if the time comes during the season that the team can't resign Jones, I expect the Braves to pony up for someone like Baldelli.