Thursday, February 01, 2007

AJC: LaRoche-Braves fans were spoiled!!!

Mr. LaRoche had some comments toward Brave nation while in attendance at the Pirates FanFest. This is taken from the AJC:

[He also said this about Atlanta fans: “They got spoiled, and they’ve got to know that. Somebody’s got to have told them by now. They were spoiled, and we were spoiled as players.”]

I've heard it before that Braves fans get a bad rep. for not showing a "fighting spirit" for their home team. Do the quick exits from the playoffs contribute to this?, or how about the lack of World Series championships? Same old team, same old results.

[“They need to get that fire back like I think teams have that don’t win. And it’s weird _ I’m seeing it in Pittsburgh, and they haven’t even been over .500 in how many years? These fans are going crazy, they’re the underdog, and these are their guys. It’s almost like they’re part of it."]

The 2005 season showcased the "baby braves" that sparked a new fire in the team. The Braves were playing and winning with homegrown talent. This ignited a new interest in the team. I can kinda see why LaRoche would say these things. Some people come to the ballpark to just hang out/socialize while the rest of us come for the game. Look at Turner Field, you have many things to do while the game is going on. I think this can be said for other stadiums and even other sports. Some people just come to hang out, period.

What does everyone else think? Are we as Braves fans spoiled?


BH said...

We are definitely spoiled -- there are not many fans that can say their team has been a winner for the last 15 years.
But Braves fans do suck in my opinion. You watch a game on tv and see more empty seats than filled seats.

I remember going to a playoff game a few years ago when they played the Cubs and there were far more Cubs fans than Braves fans. IN ATLANTA.

Steven said...

Yep, Adam's dead on. For the most part, Braves fans aren't the most rabid of baseball fans. The Red Sox game I went to last season was a joke. Game 1 of the NLDS with the Cubs a couple of years ago? Like BH said, the Cubs fans were out en masse. You shouldn't be able to walk up to the box office an hour prior to a PLAYOFF game and get tickets, but you can do that in Atlanta.

I hope last season was a wake-up call for the fans and they show a bit more support for the club this season.

Anonymous said...

Game 1 04 NLDS vs Houston (Clemens vs Wright); thousands upon thousands of empty seats...kinda made me nausious.

Steven said...

Yeah, I was in left field that day and was shocked by all the empty seats. Not even Clemens pitching brought folks out to the game. Sad.

Tommy said...

As a Cubs fan, it rubbed me the wrong way to hear that people were able to walk up and buy tickets to a playoff game in Atlanta.

Entitled sunsaguns.

Anonymous said...

I am a long time Braves fan and found some really good stuff on on the Braves. He has been given a shoutout on and by Dan Patrick. He nails the stance of Justice, Gant, Francesco C, and Bob Horner. Funny stuff. Thought it could be a good addition to the site.
- Go Braves!