Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ownership Changeover: Liberty Media

Pending an approval from MLB, Time Warner will have finally let go of the Atlanta Braves. A year of negotiations have come to an end as TW and Liberty Media struck a deal that moves the team, some craft magazines and $1 billion in cash to Liberty Media in exchange for 60 million shares of TW stock. As of right now, everything stays the same, structure wise.

Nobody really knows how this will affect the team in terms of payroll. I'm sure that's a top concern for fans and players alike. For the past few years the team has been penny pinched, and we want to know if this will be a continuing saga. Liberty Media also owns a hefty stake in DirectTv. I wonder if the players will get free DirectTV as an employee benefit?


BH said...

I hear rumors that Liberty Media is just going to turn around and try to sell them again.

I hate having a corporation own the team, because they don't care about winning, only the bottom line.

Adam said...

Yes, corporate ownership sucks!! I was hoping that Arthur Blank would purchase the team, but that fell through because Liberty Media already had stock in TW and TW saw this as a benefit to them rather than sell the team elsewhere.