Friday, June 10, 2005

And in one of the most exciting points in the 2005 schedule *insert derisive snort here*, the Braves begin a three game series with- drum roll, please- the A's. Oh, joy! And then we'll be treated to another three game series with the Rangers. Oh, rapture! C'mon, really-- who decided we needed (or wanted) these games? Cubs/White Sox? Sign me up. Mets/Yankees? Sure, I'd watch it on the tele. Angels/Dodgers? Why the hell not. Oakland and Texas vs. Atlanta? Give me a freakin' break. How's about a week of regional interleague play and then we join our regular season already in progress?

Is it just me or is Kyle Davies making the injury bug in the rotation just a wee bit easier to stomach?


Just thought I'd share this little nugget of info with you: I used the good ol' spellchecker Blogger was kind enough to provide me with on today's post. If it finds a word it doesn't recognize, it'll offer replacement words. Well, it doesn't recognize "freakin'" as a real word and graciously offered to replace it with "foreskin". I almost allowed it to do so, but had second thoughts about supplying the Free World with the sentence, "Give me a foreskin break."

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