Sunday, June 26, 2005

Note to self: do not walk outside barefoot anymore. I stepped on either a bumble bee or the plain ol' honey-type bee yesterday afternoon when I decided to run outside (barefoot, of course) and water my wee-tiny Japanese maple trees. ("Japanese maple shrubbery" would be a more apt name at this point: they might be two feet tall.) I couldn't tell which one got me, as there were a couple of bumbles and a honey bee in the general vicinity of where I first felt the sharp jab of pain in my big toe, but I don't suppose it really matters. It hurt like hell, but I'm feeling much better now.


Andruw Jones is on an absolute tear right now. He hit another home run this afternoon, bringing his season total up to 24 (this makes him the current Major League leader). More importantly, he provided two runs in an 8-1 Atlanta win, allowing the Braves to sweep Baltimore. Smoltz pitched his second complete game in a row, striking out seven and walking zero batters.

It's ironic that all the concern for the rotation earlier this year was about Smoltz and his glass arm; he's become the true ace of the staff and is one of the two starters not on the DL right now.

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