Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I told myself I'd become a much more reliable contributor to the wisdom of the internet once the new computer was here, and I was, up until a point. The job seems to be interfering with my routine, though: going in early and staying late to practice a presentation a co-worker and I are giving tomorrow morning. I'm not sure exactly why we're spending so much time practicing though, as we present at ten o'clock in the A.M. "What's the big deal about ten in the morning?", you ask? Well, my happy ass is usually in bed and sound asleep by 8:00, so this ten o'clock nonsense is waaay past me bedtime. It's difficult to sound coherent and half-way intelligent when you're a brain-dead zombie.

Speaking of the job- I got myself a new one. A promotion, even. Whenever my current department decides they've adequately replaced me, I'll be heading up to the QA Lab to begin life as the newest Quality Tech on the hoot owl shift. I'm pretty excited (at least as excited as a person can be about their job, anyway).


The Braves begin a pretty important series against the Marlins tonight. I hope Bobby Cox made sure all those twelve-year-olds in the Braves starting line-up got to bed early last night and didn't fill up on pizza and ice cream for lunch today. Eh, I shouldn't complain: how many other teams could replace half their starters with AA call-ups and still be above .500 and in the thick of the division race?


I'm hoping to be among those fans so excited by a Braves/Orioles match-up Saturday. I use the word "hope" because there's a chance I'll have to work this weekend. It would be my first game of the season, I'm ashamed to say. Be sure to watch the game if it's on the tele: I'll wave to you.

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