Saturday, June 25, 2005

I should be just about ready to get on the road for an early afternoon of baseball in Atlanta. Instead, I'm deciding how to spend the next twelve hours before I have to go to stupid work. The powers-that-be decided everyone in my department needed to work this Sunday, even though we'll probably stand around with our thumbs up our respective asses all night (I refuse to stick my thumb in anyone else's ass). At the very least, we'll run ourselves out of parts during the weekend and then stand around for three shifts on Monday. Makes a lot of sense, right? Oh well, I guess I'll watch the game on the Fox channel; the beer is cheaper at my house anyway.


I see that Blogger has their own picture uploading thingamabob. I've decided to give it a test run and share with you fine folks the beast that stalks about my house (when it isn't sleeping 23 hours of the day). This 23 pound, hairball hoarking monstrosity is Buffy (short for Buffy The Bug Slayer):

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