Monday, November 27, 2006

Baez to the Orioles

The Baltimore Orioles are close to signing him to a 3 year deal. Baez was a hot commidity before last year began. Bullpen help was in high demand and his stock was hot coming off a 41 save season with the D'Rays. Teams thought that if he can save that many for the Devil Rays, he should be the next Lee Smith for us. Atlanta also shown interest at the time, but also at the time Tampa wanted to much in return. Anyway, he signed with the Dodgers and wasn't all that impressive so he was later traded to Atlanta in the Wilson Betemit deal. Baez only appeared in Atlanta for 10 innings before he burst his appendix and required surgery. After the season, there's wasn't much of a chance to resign because he demanded to be the "closer" for some team.
Baez gets his wish, and now this could make Chris Ray available. Ray could fit in as the setup man and eventually successor to Wickman. Chris is also affordable. Ray had 33 saves last year for the O's with an ERA of 2.73.

Surely the Braves will look into this, but there's no guarantees. I think it can be a good option. Remember the rumblings a couple of weeks ago about Huddy and the O's? Could this be revisited? Atlanta would certainly want more than just Ray, but would it be too far fetched to request Adam Loewen as well?

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