Monday, November 13, 2006

Waiting for Something to Happen...

Not really alot of news from the Braves stands going on right now. Rumors and propsed deals are being thrown around for a number of other teams but for Atlanta not a whole lot is happening. I really thought after Barfield was traded Giles would be shipped off to S.D the very next day, but it didn't happen. Granted, a deal can still occur, but at this time of year I like to see things start moving and my impatience gets the better of me. Who knows, San Diego could be making a run for Alfonso Soriano for 2B.

A few former Braves will be moving cities. After comminsioner's approval Jaret Wright will be traded to Baltimore for a minor leaguer. Leo and Jaret will once again try to bring back that 2004 magic. Since he's tenure in Baltimore, Mazzone has brought over ex-Braves Russ Ortiz, Jim Brower, and now Jaret Wright. Bruce Chen was already an Oriole when Mazzone came to Baltimore. Who's next? After we release Reitsma I can picture him signing with the O's.

What the hell is the matter with J.D. Drew? Drew opted out of his remaining 3/$33M a year deal with the Dodgers to "test" the market. Did Mr. Borass get into his mind? Drew has always been arrogant and cocky, plus he's injured 70% of the time. One good year granted him a 5/$55M deal from L.A., and I can't see anyone not even the Yankees giving him $11M or more a season. I have no idea who he will end up with. Jeers to you Mr. Drew.

And as Steven pointed out Tommy G. declined his option. Glavine back in Atlanta would be awesome. What would Atlanta be willing to offer for his return?

If you ever check out the Braves mailbag Q& A, I thought it was interesting to read that Schuerholz isn't ruling out a trade of Tim Hudson or Andruw Jones. Obviously you like to listen to other teams offer to see what's available. Jones is now a 10/5 player and can veto a deal, but there are ways around that. Huddy's contract is backloaded and if the Braves come across something very beneficial I wouldn't be suprised to see Hudson pack his bags. I would be dissapointed that he couldn't get another chance in Atlanta, but if it's worth it, go for it.

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