Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Manny the Brave

The Manny Ramirez rumors have returned. This time a "deal" could be in place by Saturday, according to ESPN. It seems that every 3-4 months Manny is rumored to be traded to some team. What about Manny Ramirez the Brave? Could it happen? Sure, why not. Will it happen? Highly unlikely. Manny Ramirez is one of the top hitters in major league baseball. His stats remain strong as his years progress. Manny doesn't come without extra baggage, but when Ramirez is dedicated, he shines. If their ever was to be a trade between the Braves and Red Sox involving this guy it would almost certainly center around our slugger Andruw Jones. Would you trade Andruw Jones for Manny Ramirez? Let's take a look. With each passing day and the unbelievable inflated market, players with one good year are getting $10M/year plus thrown at them. This will make it even harder to retain Andruw past 2007. Some people feel like the team should get something back in return before we lose him to free agency. This is something the Braves should and probably have been considering. Look at what happened to the Nationals and Soriano. The world was offered to them, but the Nats didn't cut a deal and in the end lost their player for a bag of peanuts. Like I've stated before, Andruw is a 10/5 player and has the right to veto any trade. So anything must be approved by him.
Manny Ramirez still has 2 more years left on his contract. He'll be making $18M and $20M over the next 2 seasons respectively. Andruw will rake in $13.5M in 2007. A $4.5M difference and then the $20M in '08 is what Manny would be owed. Is it worth giving up Andruw for 2 years of Manny? Well let's make these a bit interesting. I wouldn't do a 1 for 1 trade; it would have to involve other players. Say the Red Sox also send over Coco Crisp and Craig Hansen. Crisp would become your new CF and is under contract until 2010. Hansen is under contract until '08 at a little over $1M each year. Whom would the Braves ship off? Besides Andruw, would Boston consider taking Marcus Giles? Their undecided about resigning Loretta, so could Giles step in? Atlanta would then add either Kyle Davies or prospect Anthony Lerew to the deal. Let's see what we have...

Boston sends Manny, Coco Crisp, Craig Hansen to Atlanta
Atlanta send Andruw, Giles, either Davies or Lerew to Boston

The Braves acquire another All-Star slugger along with a CF and a bullpen arm.
The Red Sox acquire the Golden Child Andruw Jones, their 2B, and an up
& coming pitcher.

The Red Sox would have the money to negotiate a long term deal with Andruw, while Manny would spend the next two years as a Brave. Like I said, I'm just doing this for fun. Would anyone else like to share an idea?

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