Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Glavine is Now Available

The Mets officially declined their option to pay Tom Glavine's 2007 $14M salary. Glavine has now become available, the only question is what will Atlanta offer? It's public knowledge that Glavine either wants to play with the Mets or Braves next season, so it's safe to assume the Braves will make an offer. You never know, J.S. might have already sent an email out this morning. Are offers sent through emails? Haha. Regardless the Mets bought out Tommy G. for $3.5M and that should allow the Braves to come in with a $6-8M offer. This would bump up Glavine's earnings to $9.5-11.5M in '07. Once again, I'm just giving my opinion, nothing has been official. All we can do is sit back and watch what happens.

In other Braves news, Adam LaRoche was offered by Schuerholz to the Pirates in hopes to return a Chris Duffy or Mike Gonzalez. All the Pirates could muster is John Grabow and Nate McLouth. No Deal. I'm thinking that was a shot in the dark by J.S.

The Angels have been rumored to be working something up for Andruw Jones. Remember any trade involving Jones will have to come through him because of his 10/5 status. Like I said before, I'm sure he'll allow it under the right circumstances. Can you imagine an OF of Andruw Jones and Vladimir Guerrero? All you need is Bobby Abreu to round out the top three outfielders from the 1995 Bowman's Best set.
It seems that Anaheim is always in the running for a top tier player and they have the money to spend. I'm sure if a trade goes down the Angels will be the ones that resign Andruw for the long run. Anaheim has young pitching that we need Santana/Adenhart, so it could work. I expect this rumor to heat up during next month's winter meetings.

Newsday says that the Braves could be suitors for a Lastings Miledge trade. Could is the keyword. I personally do not think the Mets would trade their top prospect to their hated division rival. C'mon people.

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