Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bill Hall: If Atlanta traded for a 2B....

I would like to see Bill Hall be that guy. Hall has yet to find a full-time starting job with the Brewers who just seem to keep adding players 4 deep on the depth chart at every postion. With the recent acquistion of Craig Counsell the Brewers will now likely move Bill to a 3B platoon with Corey Koskie. Hall is not only an IF but can also play OF. He played some games in center last year for the Brew Crew.

Hall had a monster year at the plate last year taking 35 out of the park. Here's his stats.

2006: 148G 537AB 35HR 85RBI .270/.345/.553

His average and OBP are a little higher than Giles, but the slug % is over 200 points more! Hall is still in arbitration and is a few years away from free agency. Here's a good comparison to the type of player that Hall reminds me of. Here's this guy's 2006 stats.

2006: 159G 647AB 46HR 95RBI .277/.351/.560

The numbers above belong to Alfonso Soriano. Yes, that's right. Given Soriano's 11 more home runs and 10 more RBI's the numbers are extremely similar. Given the Brewers depth, it's not sure what will happen to Hall. He may be traded before next year, he may not. Either way, whoever is looking for an infielder should certainly take a flyer on him. Who would I trade for Hall? This is kinda tough since the Brewers have depth. I would probably try to send a couple of minor leaguers, OF Onil Joseph and SP Kevin Barry. There's no particular reason why I picked those two. I'm just picking names off the top of my head. Barry is MLB ready and spent some time in Atlanta last year. Joseph, well nothing really stands out for him. Anyway, as I've stated before this is just in good fun.


XXX said...

It's a worthy pipedream, but Bill Hall is about as close to an untouchable as you can get on Milwaukee's roster. I think any deal involving him would cost the Braves at least one of Eric Campbell, Elvis Andrus, or Jarrod Saltalamacchia...for starters. Good thought though, Hall is a hell of a player.

Adam said...

If I was a Brewers fan, one day I would love to see a 3B-Hall, SS-Hardy, 2B-Weeks, and 1B-Fielder infield where everyone is healthy and productive. Not too shabby.