Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Giles/Linebrink: No Deal?

The San Diego Union Tribune is reporting that the Padres are now unlikely to trade Scott Linebrink due to the high cost for relievers. Here's a piece taken from the text:

And don't expect Scott Linebrink to go to Atlanta for second baseman Marcus Giles.

“With the way the relief pitching is shaking out, it would be difficult for us to trade Linebrink,” said Towers. “Someone would really have to overpay. If we keep Linebrink, Giles won't happen.”

To get this done the Braves will have to up the ante or look elsewhere. There still seems to be a little chance of this still happening, but I wouldn't bet on it.

**Update** I'm not sure if this means anything at all, but it does relate to what Towers had mentioned earlier. The Padres and Mets just made a deal that sent OF Ben Johnson and RP Jon Adkins to the Mets for relief pitchers Royce Ring and Heath Bell. Now, the Padres are bulking up in the reliever dept. for what reason? A Linebrink trade may still have some spark? Geeezz, will I be glad when all this talk is officially over.

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