Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cliff Floyd: LF possibility??

Here's another name I'm throwing out for fun. Cliff Floyd comes from the old Montreal Expos teams of the mid-90's. He's even got this cool '92 Bowman RC of him dunking a baseball. Floyd wrapped up his contract with the Mets at the end of the season and is now looking for a team to sign with. His injuries are starting to add up and he might want to consider moving to the AL for the coveted DH role. Floyd was bothered by an Achilles tendon and ankle sprains last year. How much does this guy have left? Here's his stats from 2005 and 2006.

2005: 150G 550AB 34HR 98RBI .273/.358/.505
2006: 97G 332AB 11HR 34RBI .244/.324/.407

Obviously 2006 wasn't the year he expected, especially with that lineup the Mets had. The Braves would probably not give this guy a look, but should they? Floyd made a little over $6.5M ending his four year deal with the Mets. In today's market, teams might be willing to offer Cliff $7-10M for 1 year. I can't see paying him that much for half a season and it's certainly too high for a bench player. It all depends on if he can stay healthy and put up close to or better stats than '05's numbers show. Here's my Braves bargain offer to Floyd: 1/$3.5M with a $1.5M bonus incentive based on AB's. Now, look at these stats and tell me if this guy is good enough for LF?

2006: 124G 297AB 7HR 32RBI .327/.364/.475

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XXX said...

I'm a huge Cliff Floyd fan dating back to his days tearing up the Eastern League with the Harrisburg Senators in the early 90's. I think he could be one of the better value signings of the offseason - he has proven he can hit when healthy...but he hasn't proven he can stay healthy. Signing him would be a gamble, but a gamble worth taking in my eyes. Apparently the A's are hot on his trail, which tells me that he must be in pretty good shape - I tend to like almost every move the A's make and I defer to Billy Beane's talent evaluating skills in times like these.

By the way, your proposed Manny to Atlanta trade was actually one of the best ideas I've seen on the subject. It sounds like a very fair, realistic deal to me for both sides. I think Manny/Crisp/Hansen for Andruw/Giles/Davies would work...I don't have any inside info on the Sox even though I'm up in Boston, but it really seems to me that the entire organization is totally enamored with the idea of bringing Andruw aboard. Maybe there is a match.