Friday, December 03, 2004

Free agent news

The Arizona Diamondbacks have apparently offered Russ Ortiz a three-year, $24 million contract; he's looking for something closer to ten mil per year. I'm not sure how many other teams are interested in his services- but I know the Braves aren't.

I've been a bit curious about exactly what kind of numbers Scott (the Devil) Boras is seeking for J.D. Drew: have you? (Of course you have.) Well, ol' Scotty figures J.D. is worth something in the area of five years and $50 million. He "stupposedly" -to quote the great wordsmith, Latrell Spreewell- has several teams interested and willing to give it up. I've said it once, and I'll probably say it at least six more times- one good season in a career filled with injuries does not qualify you for the Big Fat Contract. If J.D. can squeeze this out of some team with more salary cap space than common sense, bully for him and the Devil, but it seems logical to me for someone like Drew (or Nomar, for that matter) to sign a one-year deal with their respective teams, prove they're healthy and worthy of the big money, and then shop their services to the highest bidder. But hey, I'm just Joe Blow (not JoeBo) writing a crummy blog about baseball and not a hotshot agent fleecing MLB teams for gazillions of dollars...

Jermaine Dye's name keeps coming up as a possible replacement for Drew, if he does go elsewhere.

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