Saturday, December 04, 2004

NL East news

The Phillies have acquired outfielder Kenny Lofton via trade with the New York Yankee$. The Phils sent RP Felix Rodriguez and just over $1 million in cash to complete the trade. Even though Kenny can be a bit of an egocentric ass at times, he's still a productive player- not to mention being money during the post-season. (And he always seems to wind up on a playoff team, doesn't he?)

RP Felix Heredia will ply his trade on the other side of town next season. The Yankee$ sent him and an unspecified amount of cash to the Mets for RP Mike Stanton. Heredia's 2004 season was less than stellar (1-1, 6.28 ERA), but he's eight years younger and a good deal cheaper than Stanton.

MLB owners voted 29-1 to approve the Montreal move to Washington. Who cast the one vote, you ask? Why, none other than Baltimore Orioles owner, Peter Angelos. He feels another ball club playing 35 miles away from his club will cut into the fan base and ultimately, his profits. Note to Mr. Angelos: put a quality product on the field and you'll deserve a fan base. It absolutely amazes me that MLB has to compensate this guy because another team in a different league will be playing nearby. Two teams in Chicago. Two teams in New York. Three teams in the LA area. I don't hear any of those owners complaining about a bit of geographic competition.

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