Friday, December 17, 2004

Hudson formally introduced

Newly acquired SP Tim Hudson was formally introduced to the media at Turner Field this afternoon.

The more I look at the trade that brought Hudson to Atlanta, the more I like it. Hudson's a bona fide ace. (I'm not sure if he's a suiter). With Smoltz, Hampton, Thomson, and Ramirez behind him, you've got one of the best rotations in all of baseball. Even though Dan Meyer is a top pitching prospect who some project as a potenial All-Star pitcher- he's still a prospect. MLB history is littered with "can't miss" guys who never lived up to their hype or expectations. If a GM has the opportunity to trade a highly touted minor leaguer for an already established star of Hudson's caliber- he has to take it. If Meyer does pan out- well, that's the farm system serving its purpose. And as much as I like Thomas and Cruz, maybe they'll do bigger and better things in Oakland; I wish them well.

Another important factor to consider is Hudson's "local" ties to the Braves. He grew up two hours south of Atlanta and rooted for the Braves as a kid. He's made comments that he'd like to get any contract business taken care of before Spring Training begins. Hopefully that'll include a contract extention.

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