Thursday, March 22, 2007

Could have beens

I just want to get some opinions on who do you think could have been awesome as a Brave, but was either traded or released before their prime. I can already guess of whom some of you are thinking of.

Jason Schmidt **remember Denny Neagle
Jermaine Dye ** Tucker/Lockhart anyone
Tony Graffanino **released because he wasn't very good
Jason Marquis **Look Below
Adam Wainwright **Had to land J.D. Drew
Zach Miner **Needed to rent Farnsworthless for a year
Joe Borowski **penhand during tenure, but didn't emerge until '03 and reemerged in '06
Danny Bautista **Used as a fourth OF, but couldn't do much when played
Odalis Perez **Helped acquire G. Sheff

From the list, who would you have liked to remain in a Brave uni today?

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Kyle said...

In the short run the Braves did well by trading Schmidt (remember the short-lived 'Fantastic Four' from 97-98?), but in retrospect I'd rather have Schmidt's prime years. I had no idea Dye would explode the way he has the past couple seasons, so for the Braves to get a couple of useful players in Tucker/Lockhart long before that happened makes this trade reasonable.

Odalis for Sheff? Probably the best trade on here as Perez was never really better than league average and we did have Sheff for 2 very productive seasons. Watching that 2003 offensive beast was a fun change of pace. Wainwright for a year of Drew was obviously a mistake (and I have a feeling the Sawx won't be happy with that contract after 3 years or so), but at least Miner for Farnsworth helped get us into the playoffs one more time and hasn't come back to haunt us.