Friday, March 30, 2007

Where's my DVD?

I've noticed that Major League Baseball over the last few years have been releasing DVD's commemorating World Series champions and certain team's most memorable games. What about the Braves? Where's my complete 1995 World Series dvd set? I've always wanted to have a monster dvd set of classic Braves games. You know, the ones that stand out the most especially over the last 16 years. Highlights would be okay, but I would like the entire game/series to be included in the package. That's probably too much to ask for, right? For instance, the 1996 NLCS Game 7 would have to be a must on my dvd. The Braves absolutely demolished the Cards 15-0, Andruw's 2 blasts against the Yanks, even Francoeur's first HR would be cool to see again. There's just too many moments/games to mention but certainly a dvd to reflect on these times would be nice. What does everyone else think?


BH said...

Every few months I always check to see if they have released a 1995 World Series DVD. It is sad that they have not (though I guess my VHS still works).

And you gotta go with the "Bream" game as the best of the past 15 years.

Adam said...

Most certainly. Sid Bream is forever linked to the slide and Francisco Cabrera. For fun here's an account of what happened during the bottom of the 9th on that glorious day in Braves history.

Oct. 25th 1992
Pirate pitcher: Doug Drabek

-Pendleton doubles to RF
-Justice reaches base on Jose Lind error
-Bream walks

-Bases Loaded and Stan Belinda replaces Drabek on the hill.

-Ron Gant sac flys to LF and Pendleton scores, runners remain.
-Damon Berryhill walks, bases loaded.
-PH Brian Hunter comes in for Belliard and pops out

Francisco Cabrera comes in to PH for Jeff Reardon. Cabrera only had 11 AB's all year. He singles to LF, scoring Justice and here comes Sid Bream hauling ass around third and it's up to Barry Bonds to gun him down at the plate. Bream scores perhaps the most memorable run in Braves history.

Ah, the good ole days.

Anonymous said...

I think the exactly like you, it is like we are inside each others heads, ya, where is our 1995 champion DVD, release please