Monday, March 12, 2007

Johnson or Prado

The last time we saw a competition for 2B was back in '02 between Mark Derosa and Marcus Giles. Both played close to the same amount of games at second for that year. The next season, Giles easily ran away with the job while posting some monster numbers. This year we've got Martin Prado and the not so new guy but people forget his name Kelly Johnson. Over the weekend I was talking to a friend about the Braves and he wasn't aware that it's the same Kelly Johnson from two years ago that was playing in the OF. Anyway, KJ and Prado are competing to become the new 2B. Some people from what I've read, have already penciled in KJ at 2B. I wouldn't be so sure. Prado has improved and is having a good Spring. If their isn't a definite winner by the end of the month I think we'll see split time between the two until someone breaks away from the pack.

I think it's great to see Kelly Johnson back and healthy. I think he'll be a great benefit to the team. Martin Prado is a guy that's looking for a chance and he certainly has made his name known with mgmt. It should be an interesting rest of March. Who do you think will become Atlanta's newest 2B?


Anonymous said...

Bravos need to start thinking Yunel Escobar...he is the future at 2b!

Adam said...

Thus far, Escobar has a had an excellent Spring. I just hope the Braves are able to hang onto him until he's ready for the bigs. In the meantime he could very well become trade bait. With Renteria's contract up after '08 I think we could see Yunel play SS sometime during next season. This year he'll probably hang around the Double A and Triple A leagues.