Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Rockies cut Javy Lopez

Keeping tabs on ex-Braves is something I enjoy following. The Colorado Rockies released Javy Lopez yesterday. Lopez was trying for the backup catcher spot on the roster. In the case of Lopez, it seems that the more money he received, the worse he played. We all remember the huge 2003 "contract" year Javy had. Lopez was picked up by the Orioles where he came back down to Earth and still put up decent numbers in '04. Nagging injuries and slumping stats caused him to fall off in '05 and '06. In the meantime Lopez was given a tryout at 1B, where I assume didn't work out too well. He also made demands that he wanted to be the starting catcher wherever he played. When Lopez entered free agency after '03, I was suprised the Braves didn't try hard to resign him. In the meantime, Johnny Estrada comes in and makes us forget about Javy by having an All-Star year. Then last year, Brian McCann kicks out his first All-Star year. So after Lopez, we've had 2 all-star catchers over the last three years!!

Some Braves fans are hoping for a return of Javy to provide backup duties to McCann. I personally think it's time for the guy to retire. If he continues to play I think that Lopez is better suited for the backup/DH in the AL if a team sees fit. Here's what Javy had to say after his release:

"I don't think I'll go anywhere else as a backup. The way I feel, I can easily be an everyday catcher. If I'm not an everyday catcher, I'd rather not play this year or retire."

Thanks to mlb.com for the snippett above. Javy has hit .375 in ST, but was 0-8 in throwing out baserunners. Later, Javy went on to say this...

{Lopez also stated that the only place he'd go for backup duty is Atlanta, where he was a two-time All-Star.}

So, Atlanta is the only place he'll play 2nd string. If the Braves want Lopez to return, possibly a 1/$500K minor league deal plus 500K w/incentives might work. The facts is that Javy isn't a starting catcher anymore. Like I said earlier he should just retire, but if he's willing to understand his role and not complain maybe a return to Atlanta won't be a bad thing. Surely he's better than Todd Pratt, right? What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

The Braves definetly need to resign Javy. I was really disappointed when he was released from the Braves. They had such a good team going. Have they never heard , If it aint broke, don't fix it?