Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Rocker linked to the 'Roids

Ex-Brave John Rocker is making news again. Everyday a new name appears from the client list at Applied Pharmacy in Mobile, AL. The reasoning Rocker is giving out is that he needed it in relation to his rotator cuff surgery in 2003. Another named player is David Bell, formerly of the Phillies. He needed some HCG for a medical condition. The list of baseball players now comes to: Gary Matthews, Jr., Jose Canseco, Jerry Hairston, Jr., John Rocker, and David Bell. Who will be called out tomorrow?

Out of the list, only 2 players are active. Matthews signed a lucrative deal in the offseason with the Angels. Hairston is trying for a spot in the Ranger infield. Meanwhile, David Bell is sitting at home, Rocker appears on Pros vs. Joes, and Canseco might be trying to play independent ball...again.

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