Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Rumor: Pavano a Brave...?

I probably should have just let this one fly by without posting about it. There was a Braves scout at Carl Pavano's ST debut. Were they evaluating Pavano? Nobody knows for sure. That's it. We all know that the Yankees are trying to trade their $40M pitcher to someone once he proves he's healthy again. Most notably, the Colorado Rockies have expressed the most interest. Pavano is in his last leg of his contract, he's due $11M this year. He has a $13M club option for next year and we all know that the Yanks will not pick this up. Also, moving Pavano makes room for the top pitching prospect in the organization; Phillip Hughes. That is what NY wants to do.

Basically that's the gist of it. I think the Braves rotation is set; with Davies and Cormier battling for the 5th spot. Another factor is Mike Hampton. Will he fully be ready by opening day, or will it take him a little longer? Overall it doesn't hurt to look at Pavano, since the last time he was good he was playing in the NL East.

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