Thursday, December 08, 2005

A couple of early A.M. thoughts:

Danny Kolb is heading back to Milwaukee.

And there was much rejoicing...

The Braves seem intent on the pursuit of Edgar Renteria- and I seriously hope this deal never happens. The main sticking point is how much of his salary the Red Sox are willing to eat, but I think the price will be far costlier for the Braves: Andy Marte and another top prospect for an expensive shortstop who's skills seem to be in decline. Not to mention he doesn't fill the hole in the lead-off spot. Please, JS- look elsewhere.

Julio Franco won't be back with the club next year; he wasn't offered arbitration. I suppose it makes good business sense, not to mention it's time to hand first base over to LaRoche full-time, but it won't be the same without the Julio. I hope he signs with someone else and reaches his goal of being 50 and in the Bigs.


Tommy said...

There is one thing to remember.

John Schuerholz is smarter than you, me and Cowboy Curtis put together.

I think Renteria is the sort of player who will thrive in the Bobby Cox environment.

And I think Marte is more hype than anything.

Steven said...

Surely he's smarter than you or I- but Cowboy Curtis?

C'mon. Nobody is that smart...