Friday, December 09, 2005

Edgar's coming to Atlanta.

I'm a little less nervous about the deal now that it's done. (I sound like an anti-Renterite in my last couple of posts, don't I?) Don't get me wrong- I like him. He was great in Florida and St. Looie. My concerns were his hefty contract and the thought of shipping off a couple of top prospects in order to nab him. When all's said and done, it only cost the Braves one top prospect and Boston is footing a substantial chunk of the bill. The deal is stupposedly going to cost less than the deal offered to Furcal.

I'm hoping Renteria's return to the Real League (that's the National League, for you barbarians who enjoy that designated hitter nonsense) will do him some good. I've also read that the cold weather in Boston- not to mention the abuse from some of its fans, contributed to his on-field woes.

Bill Shanks is reporting that the Braves have signed Todd Pratt to be the backup catcher. It's a good move; he's been around for a long time and Brian McCann should benefit greatly from his presence. With Julio Franco not returning next year, Pratt should also provide veteran leadership in a youth-filled clubhouse.

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