Friday, December 30, 2005

Yeesh... baseball news is sparse lately. Sparse, I tell ya.

I've been following the continuing saga that is the Florida Marlins fairly closely this winter. It absolutely amazes me that they got rid of the entire infield and two-thirds of the outfield this offseason. Seriously, who does that? Sure, teams are always dumping fat contracts and such- it's become a part of the game- but wiping out an entire team? But I digress.

I read where Florida has signed Joe Borowski and Pokey Reese to one-year deals. Joe Bo is the front-runner for the closer's gig and I would imagine that Pokey will be manning second base (this "cash" fella they keep trading all their good players for can't play all the positions, can he?). There are also reports they'll be signing catcher Miguel Olivo soon, as well.

Florida fans are engorged with excitement and anticipation for sure.

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