Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I almost drove off the road last night on my way to work; the "Brick" on Fox Sports Radio was pleased to be the first to announce Johnny Damon had agreed to a contract with the New York Yankees. I used to be a Johnny Damon fan. Used to.

What the hell is Red Sox management thinking?! That wasn't outrageous money- surely they could have matched the offer? But to let Damon stay in the division and play for your arch-rivals? Doesn't look like smart baseball to me.

I guess this means the beard and hair are gone?

I like Chicago's signing of Jacque Jones. It's not huge (like snagging a Johnny Damon, for instance), but Jones is a solid player and should help out the Cubs quite a bit.

Do you think Tony LaRussa will kill Sidney Ponson the first time he acts like Sidney Ponson?

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braveswin said...

Jacque Jones is questionable. Can he hit out of the dome? Will he be part of a platoon? I think he'll be an upgrade over Burnitz, but as far as platooning, No. You can't pay someone $5M to play half a season.

Ponson. That will something to follow next season. I think the Cards are on the decline. They didn't get Burnett, lost Morris, Walker, an over acheiving Reggie Sanders, plus age is creeping up on them. Edmonds and Rolen getting hurt, yada, yada. Granted they will still be good, but World Series good, I don't think so. Cool site.