Monday, December 19, 2005

The Dodgers seem to think they can win the NL West on name recognition next year (Bill Mueller and Raphael Furcal signed during the past few weeks). The big-name free agent parade continues: they just signed Nomar, and are supposed to be close to completing a deal with Kenny Lofton.

I've always been a Nomar fan and assumed he would find employment for the 2006 season- heck, I even figured he wouldn't be playing short. I was really surprised to hear he'll be manning first base, though. Is he going to have enough time to learn the position before the season starts?

A bad person I may be, but I'm glad the Colts got beat yesterday. Besides, it may have saved their lives: I've got a feeling those '72 Dolphins will not be too happy when someone does finally break the record.

The Titans gave Seattle all they could handle yesterday- I really thought they were going to hang on and beat 'em. Their record isn't much to look at this year, but all those young guys and rookies are gonna be pretty good a couple years down the road...

I finished my Christmas shopping Saturday night, and best of all- I didn't go to jail or anything! All those crazy people out doing their crazy driving seriously sent me near the brink of homicidal rage. But I'm feeling much better now.

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