Monday, January 22, 2007

1959 Topps

Not much going on in the world o' baseball today, so I thought I'd share the bit of joy I found in the P.O. box this evening: three more additions to my 1959 Topps baseball set. I picked up team cards for the Cincinnati Red Legs, the Cleveland Indians, and the Milwaukee Braves. What can I say, I loves me some Ebay. That makes 114 cards in my collection; 458 to go.


joe m. said...

Why 1959? Do you collect anymore sets or cards?

Steven said...

I've always liked the design of the '59 Topps set and I'm a huge fan of the baseball, music, movies, comics, etc. of the Fifties, so it just seemed to be the ideal set to collect.

I've started collecting Topps Braves team sets.