Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A random Sosa moment

Here's a portion of something I wrote back on February 14, 2006:

I know the recent tantrums of one Sammy Sosa have been discussed ad nauseam, but this latest chunk of insight from "Mr. Home Run" begs pointing out.The Nationals have proposed a $500,000 non-guaranteed contract. Sammy wants at least a million bucks, because he's "done a lot for baseball and should be treated with respect". Hey Sammy- a half-mil non-guaranteed contract offered to a 37-year-old former steroid-junkie cheater who puts himself on the Disabled List by sneezing IS respect!

As we all remember, Sammy and his respect turned down Washington's offer. Surprisingly (insert sarcasm here), no other offers were made and Sosa sat out the 2006 season. I point this out because "Mr. Home Run" is currently mulling over a one-year, $500,000 Minor League contract from his former team, the Texas Rangers. A year out of the Majors puts things into a whole new perspective for 38-year-old former steroid-junkie cheaters, doesn't it, Cap'n Cork?

Respect sure makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but she don't pay the bills; I bet he jumps all over this deal. Personally, I hope the guy makes the club. I can't wait to see what a year off the steroids has done to Sammy's physique.

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