Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Reading Material

I enjoy reading during the winter months. Their are tons of baseball related books out there to check out. Here's a few that are "Brave" related.

1. Scout's Honor- Bill Shanks

My take: You'll find some interesting stories in this book. Shanks, whom some of you might already be familiar with takes a look at how the Braves core capabilities work. The drafting/scouting/trading of player a and player b. You'll find out why certain players were drafted over others and what attracts the organization to a player . My favorite story has to be the Chipper Jones/Todd Van Poppel chapter.

2. Built to Win-John Schuerholz, Larry Guest

My take: Haven't read this one but I'm sure it contains a behind the scenes look at the art of making a trade. Whenever the book came out I remember hearing about the almost trade of Barry Bonds in the early 90's, and the almost signing of Alex Rodriguez. This book will defintely compliment Scout's Honor on my bookshelf.

3. Tales from the Braves mound-Leo Mazzone, Scott Freeman

My take: Sorry, I don't have one. This book was given a facelift before Leo took off to Baltimore. Based on reviews this book is exactly what the titles means. Leo takes a look at his relationships with past Braves pitchers while giving insight on some of the do's/don'ts of pitching. I don't think were going to get the angry tales some of us would like to read. The "what the hell were you thinking on that pitch", and the "you can't throw for piss" stories.

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Steven said...

I have the JS book; it's not bad. He shares some really great stories, but then he goes into a bit more detail than I care to read about with his childhood, family life, etc.

It's worth it just to read about Kenny Lofton, Deon Sanders, and the devil, Scott Boras.