Friday, January 19, 2007

Craig Wilson: A Brave At last

Who's on first? That's the story heading into the new season. Atlanta has been interested in Craig for sometime. Does anybody remember the Thomson for Wilson trade rumors??

Last year, Wilson split time between the Pirates and the Yankees. Here's a look at his numbers:

Pitt: 85G 255AB .267/.339/.478 13HR 41RBI
NYY: 40G 104AB .212/.248/.365 4HR 8RBI

Everyone knows it's too stressful to play for the Yankees, so I'll exclude those eos stats. Basically what you see from the Pittsburgh line is what your going to get from the guy. He's a lifetime .265 hitter and he'll get around 20 HR a year. I'm starting to think there's a platoon scheduled for next year, unless someone grabs the hot bat in ST. Overall, I think it's a good acquisition for the team.

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